Ya, we’ve got egg tarts too

Although the usual pastry of choice in Hong Kong (or Macao?  No, was it Portugal?  Heck, I’ll even add the Boston suburbs to the mix…) is the egg tart (蛋挞 dan4ta4), numerous bakeries around the city actually offer decent alternatives.  If you visit many of the Chinatowns around the world, you can get a relatively decent spoofs of Western classics (tiramisu, cheesecake, almond/walnut tarts) for cheap. However, if you come across anything Garden-brand, anywhere, caveat emptor.  They are the complete opposite of Yamazaki pan , and make me yearn for the best bread stores of East Asia- those in Japan.

Back to Hong Kong, the tiger cheesecake at Arome (東海堂) held my top spot UNTIL I stumbled upon wooden milk bread.  I’ve never seen it outside of HK, but if you have spotted it, please let me know!  It has a crispy exterior with a somewhat creamy-milky interior, with powdered sugar on top.  Does the name suggest that it looks like a tree stump?  Does the name reel you in?  Does the idea of a bakery in Hong Kong DO IT for you?  Before this discovery, I would’ve stuck with a “no.”

Try the bakery by Exit J of East Tsim Sha Tsui station

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