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Bangkok’s Elephant Building (Tụk cĥāng)

For me, giant cities are the destination.  Ambling for hours, usually in neighborhoods local denizens prefer to have never heard of, finding as many types of street food as possible, deliberately experiencing rush hour (that one’s tough to chew on), … Continue reading

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They came, they saw

I’ve known about since their formative years, and still contend that the best stuff comes from Japan…that is, if we’re not talking about what can be found on t-shirts.  Subsequent voyages to China and Indonesia have opened up a … Continue reading

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Halva day, isn’t it?

I definitely had a sweet tooth as a young’un (no, I’m not going to start talking about the DPRK again), possibly more so than now.  After discovering what Pepperidge Farm (they vend cookies, breads and biscuits, AND can be found … Continue reading

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The 茶llenge

I’m still thinking about tea, and you might be too.   In the dredges of a Japanese summer, the humidity will make you appreciate the presence of chilled chai.  Come cooler temperatures, the year-round option of heated tea, found both in … Continue reading

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毎日のTEA (Daily お茶)

How have I made it this far without mentioning the country most influential in the site name?  Rather, I briefly covered the genesis of my interest in (Japanese) bento with the introductory post, thus it’s about time the food & … Continue reading

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The DPRK (Northern Korea) Jaunt, Part 칠: Finale

I’ve been interested in mass transit systems, say subways (metros) and monorails,  for quite a long time; I remember being impressed by the people mover at Disney Weld in Florida in the early 90s,  more so than by any of … Continue reading

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The DPRK (Northern Korea) Jaunt, Part 육: Pyongyang Tour 2

I mentioned in the last post that I would be back after “a bus ride to the border with the ROK.”  Hmm, even though I reckon everyone understood the meaning through context, that might be rad if I hopped on … Continue reading

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