The 茶llenge

I’m still thinking about tea, and you might be too.   In the dredges of a Japanese summer, the humidity will make you appreciate the presence of chilled chai.  Come cooler temperatures, the year-round option of heated tea, found both in vending machines and konbini, may be the winner.  Although less common than other convenience stores, Lawson Store 100, similiar to US$1 stores in the states (by cost, not by ambiance), treat you to good-value 100% juices (always a thumbs up in my book) and teas, as well as pancake biscuits (pancakes, it appears are a running theme here at buildingmybento) and sauces (link thanks to Lawson Store 100).  Park my bike for a minute, grab a jug or two of ryokucha (green tea) and a box of Crunky Nude then I’m good to go (link thanks to Napa Japan).

Take a look at the next batch of shots, and let me know which stand out most to you, even if you don’t read a lick of Japanese, or Chinese.  Even if the enticing descriptions  succeed, chances are there’ll be a base of green, jasmine, oolong, or barley tea, but if you’ve hit the 図星 (zuboshi, bullseye) then it’s anyone’s guess.  Extra points go to the reader who can find my favorite tea, because it’s not here…

A few


For four bucks more

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