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You walk around many places in the US and Europe, and you’re bound to run into pigeons, mucking up your intentions on having a leisurely picnic, a comfortable sit on a bench or not getting photo-bombed.  St. Mark’s Basilica in … Continue reading

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Stuffed animals, video games and cigarettes: Chinese claw machines

Claw machines aren’t something I have fond memories of at any point in my life.  (Link thanks to  If you are unfamiliar with the premise, you first rob your parent or guardian of all of their silver coins, hasten … Continue reading

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Belgrade’s Genex Tower (Western City Gate): Dobrodosli, Srbija

It’s difficult not to notice Brutalism’s most famous legacy to Belgrade, in the form of the Western City Gate (tower), en route from Nikola Tesla Airport.  Born and bred in the 1970s, this concrete construct is actually two buildings, one … Continue reading

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¿Où estoy going?

I like Detroit.  It has an attractive skyline, some buildings of which are relics of a bygone age, the People Mover, intriguing districts, a quick escape to Canada and Mexico, and potentially a statue of Clarence Boddicker’s nemesis.  (Link thanks … Continue reading

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Matang (切糕): Uighur Trail Mix, or an Allergist’s Dream?

There are a lot of eats that I miss when not in China.  It’s a fantastic country to be in if you like zoos.  And forks.  And if those zoos had forks at each exhibit, I’d say you’re getting a … Continue reading

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Check, Please

I took a short trip to Shenyang after returning from the DPRK in March 2010.  Shenyang, formerly known as Mukden, and currently known as another Chinese city of millions of inhabitants that you’ve probably never heard of, is also close … Continue reading

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Uncomfortably Convenient

  It was a long, tiresome day of marching my sister around Tokyo (map courtesy of Google Maps).  We started in Kameido 亀戸, in the Koutou district, indulged in a giant slide somewhere west of Kameido, possibly south of Kinshicho, … Continue reading

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