¿Où estoy going?

I like Detroit.  It has an attractive skyline, some buildings of which are relics of a bygone age, the People Mover, intriguing districts, a quick escape to Canada and Mexico, and potentially a statue of Clarence Boddicker’s nemesis.  (Link thanks to detroitneedsrobocop)  Oh, you say Windsor, Ontario,  is nowhere near the Mexican border?  You got me.  But on a short visit to Michigan’s largest city last April, a possibly unique photo opportunity arose while walking from the Rosa Parks Transit Center to a section called Mexicantown. (link thanks to Google Maps)

A shame St. Pierre & Miquelon isn't mentioned

The Canadian sign in the background, albeit a little blurry, accompanies the “Mexican” one in the foreground, on US soil. Although it’s not the most thought-provoking image out there, I figured I would show a bit of deference to my two neighbors on the continent, and comment on the increasingly globalized role other countries play in the US.  If you happen to be in Detroit, pay a quick visit to W. Vernor Highway and the Fisher Freeway, and don’t forget to slather salsa all over your poutine.  (link thanks to The New York Times)

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2 Responses to ¿Où estoy going?

  1. David Arthur says:

    Halo cin! Lama gak kelihatan Jon 🙂 Isn’t that horrid Tim Hortons coffee shop for people on welfare also going around the Northern States? Also, my folks retired & bought a little place down in Florida – a real score!

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