Belgrade’s Genex Tower (Western City Gate): Dobrodosli, Srbija

It’s difficult not to notice Brutalism’s most famous legacy to Belgrade, in the form of the Western City Gate (tower), en route from Nikola Tesla Airport.  Born and bred in the 1970s, this concrete construct is actually two buildings, one residential and the other being owned by the Genex Group.  Amidst a bumper crop of Soviet-era apartment flats in Novi Beograd, this one truly…is the only one with a revolving restaurant.  As intoxicating as the idea of spinning around verdant carpet atop  Serbia’s capital was, I instead decided to explore the residential portion.  I apologize in advance for the quality of the photos; the digital camera was in a pronounced slumber upon arrival.

Trespassin' by

Stunning views of the Chinese Embassy

Wish you were here?

Brutalism is one of a few styles of architecture that I seek out when traveling, possibly being introduced to it by ambling past Boston’s City Hall as a young’un.  (link thanks to  Although Japan and China are two of my most gratifying destinations for being overwhelmed by eccentric eyesores, there are pockets of rubbish, such as the Genex Tower above, throughout the world, beckoning me yonder.

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3 Responses to Belgrade’s Genex Tower (Western City Gate): Dobrodosli, Srbija

  1. tukusigal says:

    I don’t really wish I were there, but I enjoyed the photos. Thank you. Very interesting

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  3. Bob says:

    You did not decide to explore residential tower, you did not have a chance to explore other side since you COULDN’T get in!!! So, take a rubbish in your pocket and take it with you and you can only wish you got on top and see the beautiful views of the city it offers!


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