With just a hint of Penn. Station

You walk around many places in the US and Europe, and you’re bound to run into pigeons, mucking up your intentions on having a leisurely picnic, a comfortable sit on a bench or not getting photo-bombed.  St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice, Trafalgar Square in London or the woman from Home Alone 2 – you know you’re in for it.  Walking around the backroads of a shopping street in Zhenjiang, China last year, it hit me – where have all the pigeons gone in that country?  (Link thanks to Google Maps)  There may be geese and cranes bopping around the various lakes and streams, but I don’t quite recall coming across too many of the flying rats over there.

That one moment reminded me of a trip to Egypt five years ago, where all of the expected food items – falafel (there known as ta’amiya), hummus and koshary – were present, as well as the search to eat pigeon.  As for the above picture, inside was rice (do you like the combination of pita, chips/fries AND rice?), and outside, vengeance for all those times I have to look down while taking a leisurely stroll.

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