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Şalgam, Turkish Fermented Purple (Red) Carrot-Turnip Juice

What could be less refreshing than a cold glass of fermented purple carrot, turnip (şalgam=turnip, in Turkish), bulgur wheat (a prominent ingredient of tabbouli), salt, various spices, and (optionally) hot peppers?  Maybe if they joined you in making it?  (Link … Continue reading

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Music to Your Teeth: Squirrel Nut Zippers

Yep, I like to eat sweets too, but I tend to concede to the other taste buds first.  Or, it may depend on my current location and ease of purchase of said sweets.  The Middle East-all desserts are worth it.  … Continue reading

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Great Britain’t: Chinese T-shirts, 2nd Round

Y’all are lucky today.  One clothing store in the Baishizhou (白石洲) section of Shenzhen, China provided me with the one on the right, and my friend the other “Union Abdullah.”  You know, I first started noticing the incomprehensible script and … Continue reading

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Dongguan’s South China Mall: Deserted, Save for the Somali Pirates

Never mind Engrish, I’d like to learn how to speak Chinese English.  Allow me to summarize the good bits of the website of Dongguan’s South China Mall (新华南 Xinhuanan-for some reason, the hua won’t show up): “{this mall} will also … Continue reading

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大阪’s (Ōsaka) Gate Tower/Beehive Building

Strolling through Japanese cities is endlessly fascinating to me.  Dodging the centenarians while on my bike is a completely different story, but the bizarre and often anachronistic architectural neighbors that make up a city block, the local tofu and bento … Continue reading

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Street Food in Downtown Johannesburg? I wish

The only time I’ve ever been a bit nervous while traveling somewhere was at twelve years old, when I was with my family in Cincinnati, Ohio; that was marginally more unpleasant than getting followed around Tangier, Morocco for an hour, … Continue reading

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