Tengak-Tengok! Bike Vendors in Jakarta

Tengak-tengok signifies “looking around repeatedly” in Indonesian.  There are many bicyclists cruising the streets and cul-de-sacs (culs-de-sac?  ehh) of Jakarta, hawking various foods, wares and services; much of the goods they have are just as easily found as many other parts of the world, so I tried to snap a few shots of less-common, or at least more likely to be found in residential area mobile merchants.  Also, my work schedule at the time permitted a lot of exploring around the Big Durian, thus the desire to tengak-tengok for good eats and rusty diversions (you’ll see) soon enough) wherever I randomly ended up, be it here or the hotel next to here.  (Links thanks to google maps)

You can even taste the model of car

The Chinese would call this a zoo...or an amuse bouche

Didn't see any who milled around with car bumpers, though

Coming soon to a New Jersey near you

Have you collected them all?  Bear in mind though, this series is not at all exhaustive as most other bike vendors I saw involved food, ergo those qualify for a separate entry.

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4 Responses to Tengak-Tengok! Bike Vendors in Jakarta

  1. David says:

    I could take a guess at all of these locations & definitely know where the sepeda penjahit man was – if it was in setia budi. As a lazy filmmaker & a collector of plastic gizmos that aren’t pieces of cereal, I admire your semungut. Luar biasa!

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