Music to Your Teeth: Squirrel Nut Zippers

Yep, I like to eat sweets too, but I tend to concede to the other taste buds first.  Or, it may depend on my current location and ease of purchase of said sweets.  The Middle East-all desserts are worth it.  Japan, I’ll eat pretty much anything that doesn’t have mayonnaise (I don’t have much against mayonnaise, but visiting East Asia and seeing noodles, sweet cream and/or pork floss deciduously combined with it is not one of the fonder memories of the region).  (Links thanks to Kewpie-if you can read Japanese, their version of the sites are always vastly better, and The World of Chinese)

How did I end up talking about East Asia again?  Oh right, well, the sugary tides change when I’m about to fly.  To anticipate delays, lack of food service, boredom, I’ll get a packaged snack at the airport.  Portland International Jetport (in Maine), with its bombastic name, also played host to squirrel nut zippers.  No, I’m not talking about the eclectic swing band from North Carolina, but a more than 110-year old candy from Massachusetts.  (Links thanks to snzippers and Necco)  Peanut-riddled with a vanilla-caramel taffy base, they were named after a Prohibition-era (in the early 1900s in the US when drinking alcohol was illegal) moonshine.  Great, that explains everything.  Well, at least completely chewing the stuff served as my inflight entertainment…

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