Şalgam, Turkish Fermented Purple (Red) Carrot-Turnip Juice

Lefkoşa, Şalgam Juice

What could be less refreshing than a cold glass of fermented purple carrot, turnip (şalgam=turnip, in Turkish), bulgur wheat (a prominent ingredient of tabbouli), salt, various spices, and (optionally) hot peppers?  Maybe if they joined you in making it?  (Link thanks to juicingbook)  Well, I gave this drink, pronounced shal-gum, a GO, and while the chiles added a little punch to it, my kidneys were clamoring for help, as it was heavy on the salt.  Fortunately there was a re-purposed bottle of water (su) nearby.  This bottle was bought in Lefkoşa, or what the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus calls Nicosia, the capital of the EU state of Cyprus.  Confused?  No?  Good…for a second there I thought I’d have to show you this.  (Link thanks to the BBC)

Although its origins are traced to southern/southeastern Turkey, near Adana, its popularity as a vitamin-packed drink good for colder climates has coincided with the spread around Turkey of Adana’s more famous (at least to the rest of the world) digestible, the kebap.  (Links thanks to istanbulfood and foodepedia)

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