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Unusual Buildings of Jiangsu Province (江苏省), China

There’s an irreverence so contagious among mainland China’s buildings that I’d be loathe not to add that I really enjoy scoping them out.  Considering the rapidly growing urban populations and seemingly endless number of smoke-addled cities  that house said residents, … Continue reading

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Zoologically Challenged

There’s a fair amount of disturbing t-shirts over in China.  The next time you’re interested in visiting Sichuan (or 四川, or Szechuan for those restaurant-Chinese linguists) province specifically to scope out and hold a panda, remember, the owners of that facility … Continue reading

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Karachi’s Rainbow Centre: Naat Your Average Pirated DVDs

While teaching English in Jakarta in 2008, I didn’t expect to spend my vacation days running around the Saddar district of Karachi, Pakistan looking for a pirated dvd of a video that I first saw at an Indian restaurant in … Continue reading

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Profligate Pescetarianism (Go Fish)

My friend had previously not visited Hong Kong, so I indulged him in visiting the more nature-friendly side of the city.  We hitched a ride in the cable car on Lantau (大嶼山) Island to view the airport and the rolling … Continue reading

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The Japanese Subjugation of Pancakes

Pancake juice.  There are vending machines all over Japan, and this one, somewhere in Fukuoka, (unfortunately, I can’t recall the area right now) held the nefarious pancake juice.  All sugar, a mess, to be sure.  If someone can find it … Continue reading

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