Possibly Fried Chicken (w/Many Photos)

Four times.  Four times I’ve…written a coherent post?  Not sure, but there are only four times I’ve ever eaten at KFC.  That’s right, Kannada Fried Chicken.  (Link thanks to UPenn)  If only.  The first time the Kentucky version drew my attention was when I was feted to it at about eight years old.  The odor lingered like a queue at a Chinese ATM, which is to say, I didn’t try it again until about seventeen years later, ironically in Shanghai, and even then, it was just to buy a papaya-filled egg tart.  Two mayonnaise-laden crispy cabbage pita sandwiches later, and I’ve decided to put the kibosh on subsequent visits.

For those familiar with the New York City metro area and tired of the colonel usurping all of the fun, why not visit they Bronch, excuse me, the Bronx, for a bit more variety and the same amount of guilt:  (Link thanks to KFC)

NYC, The Bronx-Kennedy FC

Kennedy Fried Chicken, that’s probably the 2nd most common fried chicken place in the five boroughs.  Do note that I haven’t yet tried any of the following fast food joints, but there’s always a chance to do it for a bribe.

NYC, The Bronx- Lincoln FC

All of the Bronx locations were found on or very close to Westchester Avenue, starting west from Parkchester.  (Link thanks to google maps)

NYC, The Bronx-Colony FC

NYC, The Bronx-Holiday FC; that’s quite the menu, HFC

If the Bronx is too “exciting” or not “L train” enough for you, how about we dust off our soon-to-be highly suspicious passports and take a look at C. Sanders fans’ around the globe?

Trenton, New Jersey-Georgia FC

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-Crown FC (also with branches in the NY metro area)

Indonesia, Jakarta-CFC

CFC, or California Fried Chicken (to me, the logo resembles a conestoga wagon or a tooth with nilla wafers), is a popular fast food eatery in Indonesia.  The slogan translates to “not just chicken,” appealing both to people who don’t just eat chicken and people from Guangdong.  Or, if you don’t like that description, there’s at least one other CFC out there.  (Link thanks to google)

Indonesia, Batam (Nagoya)-BFC

Taken in at the Nagoya Hill shopping center in the Nagoya section of Batam, Indonesia.  If it truly stands for Burger Fried Chicken, I’d like to shake the founder’s hand.

Pakistan, Faisalabad-AFC

Al-Najam Fried Chicken in Faisalabad, Pakistan.  If you’d like to stop by this branch, it’s by a clock tower and across from a building that’s painted with a clock.  By the by, Faisalabad, due to its status as a textiles hub, is known as the “Manchester of Pakistan.”  So, if you feel like drawing a blank stare from your mates, say you’d like to visit the “Faisalabad of England.”


Colombo, Sri Lanka.

China, Dongguan-MFC

Goody, the epicenter of blatant copyright infringement.  I’m pretty sure this one was in the Houjie district of Dongguan, China, but I can confirm the presence of an MFC in Huizhou, China as well.  Thing is, upon further research (zooming into the bottom center of the photo), this chain is called MeiDuoJi, which is nothing like MFC, or MeiKenJi, a mosh-pit of KFC and McDonald’s.  (Link thanks to Mark Frauenfelder at boingboing)

Rangoon- Tokyo Fried Chicken (TFC)

This one’s a doozy.  It was taken in May 2009 in Rangoon, Myanmar, the capital before fortune tellers moved it north to Naypyidaw.  Although I generally liked Burmese food, since much of it was influenced by its western neighbors, Italian and Japanese food was also consumed on that trip.  And by Japanese, I don’t mean TFC.

Busan- Donkey Fried Chicken (DFC)

Texas has its chicken fried steak, Scotland its deep fried Mars bar and butter, but Busan, ROK brings us this androgynous chain.

New for August 2012:

UFC (phonetically Yu-E-Pu-Chi-KKin)

My walk from Midtown Manhattan to Jackson Heights, Queens (a neighborhood known for South Asians/Colombians/Ecuadorians/add-’em-to-the-listians) took me on Roosevelt Ave past UFC, which according to their website stands hygienically enough for Unidentified Flying Chickens.  I didn’t get to try it, but next time, that, and a Filipino dessert in Woodside should be fine. Although the “F” doesn’t represent Fried, it’s good enough.


1st Ave. by East 115th St., in Harlem, NYC.  Surprised I haven’t come across this name yet, maybe…also, a question for readers west of the Mississippi River-is it Breyers ice cream or Edys ice cream?


I should just re-post this, but it has found a nice home in the month of May.  Palace Fried Chicken (PFC sounds good) can be reached in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, a predominantly Russian area of the city.  It’s also a decent walk from Coney Island.

A remarkable September 2012 find in Jackson Heights, Queens (NYC):


When did that happen??


A couple of blocks north of the 167th St. “4” subway station, on Jerome Ave. in They Bronch, excuse me, The Bronx.

December 2012: Gordon, of therealestateseen, noticed an Obama Fried Chicken, and golly, so did Shanghaiist.  Perhaps they serve wings with an Indonesian-Kenyan-Hawai’ian-Chicagoan tinge?

May 2013: A few more solid finds–

Inglewood - Louisiana Fried Chicken
An LFC in Inglewood, Los Angeles.  Not shocked that I found fried chicken in the area, but to rub MSG in the wound, LFCs seemed to double as Chinese take-outs.  Someone else will have to be the guinea pig at this chain.

Richmond - NY Fried Chicken & Biscuit

Richmond, VA brings us this forsaken establishment.  The part of town that it was in mirrored Newark, NJ west of Penn. Station, which is to say, if your city has a Little Newark, there’s no need to pat yourself on the back.

Tijuana - Kentucky Fried Buches

I recently took an illegal day trip to Tijuana, or so I thought because entering the Mexican border city from the US side was easier than finding someone named Eunice in Seoul.  Although Kentucky Fried Buche doesn’t quite fit the _FC model, buche, or pork stomach, gets an honorable mention.

Inglewood - YFC (420)
You might want fried chicken after stopping at this California institution.

July 2013 Update

Bandung - Bandung Fried Chicken (BFC)
Found beside a school in Bandung, Indonesia.  Note how, on the sign on the left, Bandung is spelled the old Dutch way, as “Bandoeng.”  Did you note it?

August 2013

Manhattan - Chester Fried Chicken

East Midtown, Manhattan

It’s a wash.  What is a “Chester Fried?”  Also, would you want a grilled cold sandwich?

October 2013

Manhattan - Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken
I had a friend snap this one, on 1st Ave. by the East Village in Manhattan, because I didn’t have my camera at the time.  Blue Ribbon as in the flour company?  Huh.  Ok.  My favorite fried chicken is still the mustard-infused version in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, but the Korean peninsula (aka 32nd St.) might be a runner-up.

November 2013

Crown Heights, Brooklyn - South Island FC & Pizza
This Crown Heights, Brooklyn fixture still counts, even though it ends with “& pizza.”  But wait, South Island?  Is this a Kiwi chain?

January 2015

Courtesy of Flyertalk.com user “mpkz,” I bring you a couple of new additions:

From his recent trip to Kyrgyzstan, we have the one and only, KFC.

Then, on the road even less traveled, we’ve got another AFC, this time in Ramallah, Palestine:

Ramallah, Arab Fried Chicken (AFC) (mpkz)

Have you tried any of the locations above?  Care to write a review if you have?

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12 Responses to Possibly Fried Chicken (w/Many Photos)

  1. AFC is definitely my fave, although there is something really unfortunate about MFC. On occasions we have forrayed into KFCs on our travels (I admit it) and it is quite fun to see the changes in the menu compared to back home. As far as I can see said changes amount to a) more rice on offer and b) everything is eye-wateringly spicy. It feels odd ordering rice in a KFC, it has to be said.

    • You’ve tried MFC? …BOTH? Actually, since there are at least two with that name, and it’s in China, there are probably fakes of those as well.
      Although the only CFC I saw was in Batam, Indonesia, I’m “pleased” to say there’s one at Terminal 3 of Jakarta’s international airport now.

      • Haha, no I meant the names and your pics, I probably should have said! We did notice the CFC in Jakarta but tragically didn’t try it out, although we’ll be flying out of the airport next week so maybe we’ll have to give it a go…I’ll report back if we brave it…

  2. hiwyhi says:

    Thanks for the funny proof of the power of marketing! I wanted to send you an email, but blind as I am, couldn’t find your address anywhere. How can one contact you?

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  5. Fat Sam says:

    try david king’s chinese orange fried chicken (and beef) on mamaroneck ave, white plains, ny.

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