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The Haughtiest of Escalators

My pace is undeniably Manhattan.  Although Tokyo and Hong Kong offer similarly rushed/get the heck-outta-my-way gaits (though Tokyo gets top marks for actually obeying escalator etiquette), here’s a little beginner’s guide to China: TAKE THE STAIRS.  You won’t find a … Continue reading

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Japanese Weirdness: Studying English is Really Fung

The Japanese language has, similar to a plethora of other languages, adopted and amended various non-native words and adapted them to fit its standard pronunciations.  Additionally, Japanese is based on (Mandarin) Chinese, as much of Korean is too (that should … Continue reading

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Bangkok’s Robot Building

I’d first like to welcome everyone and myself back to BuildingMyBento, as unfortunately I have been extremely busy as of late. A few years ago, I was taking the Bangkok light rail (BTS) to Chong Nonsi, a relatively nondescript station … Continue reading

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