Asparagus Juice: Solid, Check. Liquid, Check. Gas? Oh, no

I’d like to begin by noting that one of the tags for this post is “weird.”  That depends, hey?  I’m not sure if asparagus juice is going to start popping up in organic/health food stores, or become the latest sample at Trader Joe’s (a California-based food market; a shot of this stuff followed by a cup of their free java would make any cat purr…obably despise its owner), but that’s one of the benefits of traveling, in my opinion, trying things you never thought/never (actually) wanted/hoped never existed.  Not that I saw anyone anywhere in China/Hong Kong/Taiwan (the company that produced this one is Taiwanese) drinking the stuff, but that part of the world has well-known taste buds around the world (and on this blog).  Anecdotal evidence: random waitstaff I’ve spoken with in China despise bread.  Unless it’s civilized bread.  And cheese?  Forget it…or hold that thought for another time.

Strengthen Your Physical Power, Care For Your Health, Become Caucasian!  

This can of 芦笋/蘆筍 (lú​sǔn) juice emphasizes that its consumption will provide you with enough Vitamin E (antioxidant) and Folic Acid (manufactures red blood cells) that one can of asparagus juice can offer…rather, it says some of that.  The depiction of the beach-bound woman looks to me like an ad from the 1950s (in the US), ironically not a decade known for promoting a healthy lifestyle.  I’m pretty sure the contents were green asparagus, but next time, I’ll hit up the white asparagus type, and see which stock is on the label of that one.  Not that it was well-received by my throat, but it’s fair to say I’m more likely to mosey on into a store and test out a new drink than a new meal, generally because I walk quite a lot and need fluids to be replenished.  The next time you, fair reader, go for a jog, are you going to reach for asparagus juice, or for the incomprehensibly transparent clear stuff?

Where can I get me some of this sweet ambrosia?: I found it at Ole’ supermarket in Shenzhen, China; it’s a Chinese chain that sells a good deal of foreign goods (but still no marzipan, what a drag).  BUT, if you are walking down a street in the mainland and spot a sign mentioning 台湾 特产 (tái​wān tè​chǎn), or specialty/regional products of Taiwan, you may be in luck.

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12 Responses to Asparagus Juice: Solid, Check. Liquid, Check. Gas? Oh, no

  1. Rukasu says:

    Ohh ho this was gooooood times

  2. shb says:

    That might just top the Rockville fermented mesquite drink–packaging is certainly convincing enough

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