That Wacky Wooly Willy®

We’ll return to regular posts next time, (unless you jive to this method too) but for now, I’d like to share with you a small slice of my rumbustious imagination:

Who knew that Smethport, Pennsylvania (USA) is where the clazy beard toy that until now had no name originates?  Gee, what’s a beard toy?  According to, Wooly Willy®, the actual name for it, was invented in 1955 by Señor James Reese Herzog.  The user would take a small wand that moved magnetic pieces around, giving the relatively hair-free face any number of looks/disguises.  Is this professionally used by anyone today?  Did it influence Adobe to create Photoshop?  Are you glad you were never so privileged to receive this as a gift when you turned thirteen?  Imagine getting. this instead of a lollipop at the end of a visit to the pediatrician.  Better yet, whipping this game out of your side-bag during rush hour.  I would.  If I had a side-bag.

What crossed my mind earlier today was a sketch in which Wooly Willy® takes on the form of a voodoo doll, ruining the careers of several employees from scattered Mediterranean/Persian Gulf countries, all over the course of a few short episodes.  Why such precise locations? Outside of the US, besides Ho Chi Minh, Che Guevara or Fidel Castro soaking it up in the zeitgeist, which regions populations first come to mind when you think of a beard?  Reiterating the outside of the US bit, please don’t say Brooklyn.  (Link thanks to New York magazine)

Has this post made you keen on trying out a Wooly Willy®?  If you have tried it out before, how successful have you been?

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