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Indelibly Idiosyncratic, With a Side of Eel: Your Ideal City Block

Pupusas.  Licuados.  Manadonese cuisine (I’m having trouble finding a good summary of Manadonese food; try this piece by The Jakarta Post for starters).    Kaitenzushi.  木桶饭 (mutongfan, casks of rice topped with any number of ingredients; Hunanese).  Batting cages.  Anything … Continue reading

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We All Cuss for Olive Juice

What’s that?  You thought that cussing at food was reserved only for asparagus?  (Image link thanks to grammarqueen; cartoon by Gary Larson)    As big of a fan I wasn’t of asparagus juice, olive juice, called 橄榄汁 (ganlanzhi), quickly became … Continue reading

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Can I Still Get a Hindu Meal?: Airplanes Gone Hogwild

Airplanes.  Love ’em or hate ’em, they have…no opinion about you.  Those birds (aviation-speak for planes) though, golly are they hard workers– I prowl aviation forums often, and regularly see members commenting about their last chance to fly a DC-10 (last … Continue reading

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Limeño, Cuzqueño, Jameando, Vacilando: A Few Peruvian Bites (and one Sip)

¿Ñew to Perú?  Aspiring to dive right into the local offerings of neon sodas and alliterative grains?  I’d like to introduce to readers a sampling of what’s available in Peru, not limited to but chiefly in the cities of Lima … Continue reading

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Fun with Customs: South Indian Gunpowder

What kind of fuzzy, disheartening look would you receive from a customs official the next time you mention you’re carrying “gunpowder?”   Care to try and report back?  Make sure it’s US, Mexican (where you push a button to see if … Continue reading

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Chocolate Cheese? China’s Convinced

First, thanks to everyone for helping me reach 5000 detourists (visitors)!  Have you enjoyed the journey thus far? I can’t remember the last time I ate American cheese, which according to isn’t even cheese, but if it’s unhealthy, makes … Continue reading

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