Chocolate Cheese? China’s Convinced

We all scream for it

First, thanks to everyone for helping me reach 5000 detourists (visitors)!  Have you enjoyed the journey thus far?

I can’t remember the last time I ate American cheese, which according to isn’t even cheese, but if it’s unhealthy, makes you feel disgusting after consuming just a small amount and is used in a similar manner to how the authentic stuff is, bring it on.  It might have its detractors who claim it is too processed or melts too darn quickly, but I’m a big fan when it comes to hurling it onto a Philly Cheesesteak (if only because Cheez Wiz tastes like a salty penny to me; but there’s always room for another bloating chance), or betwixt two slices of butane-torched bread in tandem with tomato soup.  How do you like to best deal with American cheese?  Throw it in a stray rubbish bin, or microwaving it on Nabisco’s Triscuits for a midnight bite?

If you’ll take a peek at the above photo, that’s the last time I ate American cheese.  It must’ve been for a special occasion, right?  My birthday, your birthday, Taiwanese reunification day…what other time/event would be a worthy scapegoat to sample chocolate cheese?  A shopping trip to a Carrefour (a French Wal-Mart, kind of) in Shenzhen, China was the source of this peculiar (now referred to as a) non-cheese product.  If I didn’t have the motivation to find milk in China that wasn’t also unrefrigerated/way overdue, I wouldn’t have encountered the cheese.  To be fair, it tasted like chocolate (not good chocolate; another example of “not good” chocolate is Caesarwave, the mainland’s answer to Toblerone) AND cheese, so Guangming, the company that produced this larf, won that battle.  Even better, if you live in the US (or if you don’t, now you’ve got another reason to find a snakehead), you can order a Michigan-produced version from Frankenmuth Cheese Haus.  Let’s try to make chocolate cheese Michigan’s number #1 export, ahead of underground techno music.

If you bought chocolate cheese, what would you eat it with?

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6 Responses to Chocolate Cheese? China’s Convinced

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  3. Adam says:

    Wow; it’s great to hear that you’re also a fan of American Cheese. Me too. Also, as far as chocolate is concerned, Leonidas is still king.

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