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Decent, Copacetic, Quite Alright, Not Not Good: Airline Meals

Have you ever tried to recreate what you’ve eaten on a plane?  Or, have employees at a flight catering company ever collectively released a cookbook?…would you buy it? This is the burning question on the mind, my mind, for this … Continue reading

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Is This Car Seat Belt-Free? Jakarta’s Passenger Seat Street

Don’t worry, starting every post with “Is this” isn’t a 2013 new year’s resolution.  Rather, it’s tongue-in-cheek; whenever you enter the average Jakarta taxi (or taxi in much of the world, and many private cars too, and buses, and bar … Continue reading

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Is My Child Gluten-Free? Cheap Chinese Chingrish

Oh sorry.  I’ve been busy wafting some of my Immigrant Coma incense, Like a good Edison.  Wait, what?  Yep, that’s Engrish.  Engrish can be defined as the simple misplacement/incorrect usage of a letter (ie, no smorking or clazy sale), or as utter … Continue reading

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A New Year’s Resolution?

Don’t book a room without seeing it first: 明けましておめでとう (akemashite omedetou) everyone!  To those just starting to build their bento, to those continuing to do so, or to those who had no idea that they could build one.  For the … Continue reading

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