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A Complicated Path to a Simple Starch: Chinese Characters, Part 一

Oh hey, a topic that won’t make you wish you lacked a sense of smell!  That’s right, today we’ll take a peek at one of my favorite subjects, Chinese characters. The bane of  many a CSL (Chinese as a Second … Continue reading

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Skaly, Isn’t It? Skim Milk Soda in Japan

Skal: It sounds like a brand of chewing tobacco.  The transliteration of its Japanese text, スコール, refers either to a squall, or more aptly skål, the Danish word for good health/salut/cheers. But wait, maybe you knew about it already.  Yes, … Continue reading

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Thailand: Go for the Broccoli Juice, Stay Long Enough to Forget About It

The next time you’re filling out a Thailand arrivals form, be candid about your reasons for visiting.  Don’t tick the “leisure,” “business” or “seeing family” boxes.  Instead, create your unique entry.  Yet, the fact of the matter is, the majority … Continue reading

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