Thailand: Go for the Broccoli Juice, Stay Long Enough to Forget About It

The next time you’re filling out a Thailand arrivals form, be candid about your reasons for visiting.  Don’t tick the “leisure,” “business” or “seeing family” boxes.  Instead, create your unique entry.  Yet, the fact of the matter is, the majority of those personalized reasons wouldn’t be so unique, so I’ll just suggest a good one: broccoli juice.

Bangkok, Tipco Broccoli (and fruit) juice

Bangkok, Tipco Broccoli (and fruit) juice

Tipco is a worthy Thai addition to the beverages section of Southeast Asian supermarkets.  Flavors vary from pomegranate and mangosteen to goji berry (wolfberry) and pumpkin.  If you take a look at the website, you’ll see that it no doubt is an East Asian company- you can click on the boxes of juice to tilt them (because it’s cute), but no further details about the individual juices are available.  I give Tipco credit for providing (or claiming to provide) 100% juice, that is, no added sugar.

My first impression of the broccoli juice was I need to try this.  Also, noticing that it is high fiber in a rice-heavy land is great news, but I was disappointed that they chose to blend in grape and/or apple juice.  Why not use a carrot and a tomato?  Or full-on broccoli?  Yep, the packaging lies.  The section on top says “100% Veggie,” but you can clearly see that lower down on the front is a tucked in subscript announcing “& mixed fruit juice.”

At the same time, would you want to be seen shoving a straw into a (juice box containing only) broccoli juice?  Or is it saying that it is 100% Tipco, not 100% veggie?  What juice would that be?  Thailand, a fool’s paradise.


Are  you familiar with Tipco and its array of drinks?  Would you prefer to try broccoli straight up, or diluted with a less menacing ingredient?

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5 Responses to Thailand: Go for the Broccoli Juice, Stay Long Enough to Forget About It

  1. Naomi says:

    Hahaha, tilting the juice box IS rather amusing.

  2. I’m sure I could use this to repel my husband. The boy’s scared of brassicas. Me, I’m just glad it’s got a bit of fruit juice – full on broccoli could be way too healthy. 😉

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