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For Best Results, Stay Indoors

Without a doubt, cruelty.  The silhouette of a woman placing an (her?) umbrella in a shredder- it’s even shed a bead of sweat. Although that may have been the subject of a recent dream, the truth is much less malicious.  … Continue reading

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3050 Meters or 10000 Feet, I Still Prefer an Aisle Seat

There doesn’t seem to be any good seat in economy class.  Window seats force you to play Twister in case you need to get up for anything; aisle seats mean bags may fall on you whenever the overhead is opened, … Continue reading

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Checking In and Putting Out: Shenzhen’s Conception Hotel

Normally, I’d come to this neighborhood to get street kebabs, apples and qiegao.  That’s all good and well, and mostly harmless (except maybe towards my digestive system), but when I’m not at home, I tend to look up.  That’s when … Continue reading

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Sartorially Collusive: Shopping in Kobe, Japan

First off, I must apologize for my delayed response this time.  Some rapscallion in Jakarta nabbed my new laptop, which spent more time being shipped to me than in my possession.  Classy touch, replacing it with three 2008 issues of … Continue reading

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