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Photo Challenges: Name That Everything

Green things that don’t also find their way on your plate or in a can aren’t such a common sight around these parts.  Nor are their four-season coming of age pals that lose their luster in the colder months. With … Continue reading

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Airline (Route) Map Oddities 2: I’ve Never Been to West Africa

As seen in my first post about airline route maps, Japan has no friends and Hawaii is the latest colony of New Zealand.  I wish I had more of that juicy stuff for you now, so I’ll have to hold … Continue reading

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If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit it Must be a Dud

Is shopping a priority on your travels?  Don’t have a problem wearing shirts half your size made just down the street from where you bought them?  I used to think that one of the luggage stores at the main Shenzhen, … Continue reading

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Collateral Lettuce, My New Food Blog

Compliments of the Season, everyone I’d like you all to know that I recently started, because I like eating.   I should probably like knowing exactly what I’m eating more, but if I started asking street vendors questions that … Continue reading

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