If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit it Must be a Dud

Is shopping a priority on your travels?  Don’t have a problem wearing shirts half your size made just down the street from where you bought them?  I used to think that one of the luggage stores at the main Shenzhen, China train station was selling suitcases back to the lumbering tourists from whom they were robbed.  Too forthcoming for a blog post?  Could be.  By the way, if you see a navy blue one in mint condition, it’s not mine, so why not help a brother out…

Speaking of China, it’s a cinch finding a place to buy clothes- listen for monotonous clapping and the occasional banshee shriek.   Though I’m not always in the market for t-shirts even Japanese animators would be disturbed by, so name shopping becomes a tolerable lazy day activity.  What’s that?  It’s when an entrepreneur who majored in Engrish had a bit too much leeway in naming his or her store, and as a result, gives otherwise bored English-proficient visitors a possible half-chuckle.  Or more?  Let’s have you be the judge:

Chongqing- Jackvis Clothing Store

Classic.  Fashionable.  Wool.  JACKVIS.  Slim chance it’s the owner’s first name, even slimmer chance that you’d take this sentence seriously.

Lanzhou- Pearlboy Clothing Store

Midriffs A Go-Go.  You may have also noticed its neighbor to the right “Guphot.”  I wish that was another name, alas the Chinese translates to photography.  Ha!  Think I didn’t see the “o” perched behind the tree?  +1 for you.

Dongguan- Appointment Clothing Store

It’s quite simple selling clothes to mannequins.  Living, breathing shoppers, not so much.

Chongqing- Highland Dud Clothing Store

My ears are burning.

Would you boastfully wear Highland Dud hats with your JNCO jeans

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3 Responses to If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit it Must be a Dud

  1. funny, personal and quite an astute observation..I guess I will be bookmarking this blog 🙂

    • Thanks for your reply and comment, Tessa! What are some names of stores in your hometown, since you mention it?

      As for Zagat, they are trying way too hard to keep up with the Joneses while plenty of other guides/websites/people like us are a bit more aware of the food scene on the curb.

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