Airline (Route) Map Oddities 2: I’ve Never Been to West Africa

TG, BKK-HKG- Misguided Map

As seen in my first post about airline route maps, Japan has no friends and Hawaii is the latest colony of New Zealand.  I wish I had more of that juicy stuff for you now, so I’ll have to hold off until South Carolina secedes from the union again or for when Zambia becomes the 35th province of China.

Speaking of which, there’s not enough of anything from Africa around these parts.  And…it will stay that way for the time being.  But even though Thai Airways only flies to one city in Africa, Johannesburg, they had the nerve to suggest we were heading for Ghana.  We being the passengers of TG628 from Bangkok to Hong Kong.  Though, if that were true, I’d be gung-ho about trying some peanut butter soup.

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5 Responses to Airline (Route) Map Oddities 2: I’ve Never Been to West Africa

  1. rukasu1 says:

    Hmm seems the plane’s GPS is reading lat 0.0* long 0.0*

    • Yep, but you don’t need GPS to figure that out, considering where the icon is.

      Oh, and I get a bit amused by google maps directions for China. Chunfeng Lu is mostly accurate on baidu’s map, but for 谷歌…

  2. Very nice post on this topic. Your knowledge always impresses me.

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