Photo Challenges: Name That Everything


Green things that don’t also find their way on your plate or in a can aren’t such a common sight around these parts.  Nor are their four-season coming of age pals that lose their luster in the colder months.

With that in mind, I’d like to open the floor (or blog) to this photo, taken in Sakura, Chiba, Japan during one of the recent Marches.  Sometimes when I glance at it, I want to eat a slice of pizza, full of  freshly canned vegetables and twigs.  No, just vegetables.  Other times I haven’t a clue as to what angle I took this from, or the height of the plants, or why I was walking around someplace where the color green was prominent.

So, bento-builders, please share your thoughts as to what was going on when this photo was taken.  Bonus points if you provide a link for where you think the setting was/is.
If you like the picture, it would be nice to hear/see that too.

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3 Responses to Photo Challenges: Name That Everything

  1. GHELM says:

    Have you seen Rassic Park?


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