Institutionally Illiterate: Hotel du Lac, Tunis

Tunis - HotelduLac4

Tunis - HotelduLac1

Hotel du Lac was a hotel and discotheque in Tunis, Tunisia, or at least I think it was.  It could have been a cultist theme park, Metabolist experiment or PLO bordello, because I can’t find much data on it, in English, French or Arabic.  Keep in mind that I only know French when root suffixes and prefixes are playing nice, and the extent of my Arabic knowledge is limited to “let’s go” and “where’s the pigeon?”  Hence, institutionally illiterate.

Nevertheless, the shape (which style of architecture is it?  winged hubris?) of Hotel du Lac is worth a mention in my mind, and even though it is off-limits to the average pedestrian, the crude angles of the façade and the openness of the surrounding area make it quite photogenic.

Tunis - HotelduLac2

Tunis - HotelduLac3

If you or anyone else you might not know has any information regarding this building’s actual name, date opened, date closed, or any other salient bits, please comment below!

Update: A friend of mine was doing a bit of sleuthing on German forums and found a relatively recent thread.  Or, if Deutsch isn’t your thang but a young Carrie Fisher is, Tunisia and Star Wars seem to have a lot in common.

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2 Responses to Institutionally Illiterate: Hotel du Lac, Tunis

  1. expatlingo says:

    “Winged hubris” must be the best made up architecture phrase I’ve heard all decade.

    • 谢了Jen. Though, would it sound more complete if I wrote “winged hubrism?” In that case, I wouldn’t be as sure that people would comprehend…

      By the by, are you familiar with Manhattan at all? There’s a neighborhood by Broadway in the lower 30s/upper 20s that I think should be renamed Chungking Mansions. Someday you’ll get it;)


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