What Do Good Times Taste Like?

Harajuku - Clazy Buffet

I wish I had the exact address for you, but the last time I passed by this sign was eight years ago.  Don’t fret just yet- the sign is weird enough to have lasting power, even if there’s now a skim milk soda bar in the restaurant’s place.  Figure that it would be on Takeshita dōri (竹下通り), possibly by the Meiji dōri ((明治道り) intersection in Harajuku, Tokyo.  Yes, the same Harajuku that pairs big-eyed contact lenses with Nigerian undertones.

This may not be about an all-you-can-eat Engrish buffet per se, but I can’t remember the last time I filled my plate with jelly, “gratin” and hip hop.  It might have been on April 20th, but that incredulous memory could use a sprucing up.

Have you ever seen such a wide variety of offerings (both edible and musical) at one restaurant?  What would you order?

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