What Happens in Bangkok, Finds a Home in Advertising

Bangkok - Prawn Riders Sauce

In 2007, on my first visit to Lebanon, the immigration official furiously flipped through my passport pages, making sure that I’d never been to Occupied Palestine, er, Israel for those of you in El Al territory.  He anxiously peered at my Laos visa, thinking that the Lao script was just flamboyant Hebrew, but after a brief explanation and a few volleys of “Beirut is great,” I was wished a pleasant stay.

What does any of that have to do with a picture of Thai shrimp sauce? (or is it fish sauce?  Must be some kind of condiment.  I can’t read Thai.  Thai to me looks like a bunch of letters jumped ship from the Latin alphabet and vainly tried to get in shape.)  My question is, do you think it’s Kosher?  Once a chef starts giving shellfish a ride, what happens next?  I’ll have to say though, Thailand seem attracted to unusual brand names/logos.  Sit on this one for a little bit.

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