Royal Offspring is the Last Thing On Their Mind

Nishi Funabashi- Queen Elizabeth Love Hotel2Nishi Funabashi- Queen Elizabeth Love Hotel1Nishi Funabashi- Queen Elizabeth Love Hotel3

Located by an intersection of a soundproofed expressway and the Keiyou rail line in Nishi-Funabashi, Chiba, Japan is the Queen Elizabeth, a “landlocked” love hotel.  If you’re walking (or, because it’s a love hotel, ashamedly hurrying) from the Nishi-Funabashi train station it’s an under-15 minute trek.

Unfamiliar with love hotels?  Well, sometimes you want to let someone else do the cleaning up.  That, or bringing home your significant other is discouraging (when you live with your family) and/or awkward (when you’re already married).  Mind you, I didn’t get a chance to look at the rooms, but checking-in was par for the course.  You don’t see the face of the front desk staff (but with surveillance cameras I’m sure they already know you), to shave off a bit of embarrassment.  I asked the receptionist if foreigners were allowed to stay, and she responded sure, you guys are half of our business…  Wouldn’t that be something if she said that?  Anyway, she DID say yes, so for the random lot of you that have a reason to be in that part of Japan, go for the gold.

Does this Queen Elizabeth put the Shenzhen, China-bound boat to shame?  Or would you prefer to get it done on a grounded airplane?

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    i believe i have something to add here…

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