A is for Auspicious, D is for Dragon and $ is for Us

New York - Profit Chinese Restaurant
Pretty much sums it all up.  Profit, a Chinese restaurant in Manhattan, NY has one clear goal, and it has nothing to do with you.  Actually, it has everything to do with you, and hoping that you step into their unabashed take-out place instead of the hundreds/thousands (billions?) of other ones in town.  Consistent with the way things work back home, customer service, hygiene and humane decor take a backseat to 赢利 (yíng​lì), which does indeed mean profit in Chinese.  Though, they did pull off getting an “A” grade from the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.  I guess Mayor Bloomberg can easily relate to the place.

Yep, no beating around the bush here.  Think that means they’ll tell you exactly which endangered animals are in the #15, or why part of the sidewalk in front is chipped off?  Guess I’ll give ’em credit for originality- for their name, not for the business.

Have you come across any equally direct advertising?

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11 Responses to A is for Auspicious, D is for Dragon and $ is for Us

  1. I saw a lot of funny name in RI not Providence but further down south. Like chef-a-roni. In Thailand Puke massage! (Puke actually came from a Thai nickname “Pook”. They just misspelled or dint know that puke has other meaning!

  2. Puke massage in Bangkok near Novotel Siam Sq.

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