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Do Economy Class Passengers Eat? Some Airlines Think So.

In my last post about airplane food, we can see that using very scientific research, airlines in the US serve economy class passengers nothing remotely flattering; better yet, those in-flight meals may even warrant their own wing in a modern … Continue reading

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If at First You Don’t Succeed, You Might Be an Airline Caterer

Baked beans and mushrooms?  Thanks for your contribution, Her Majesty I’ve been hungry lately.  Next time I travel, I suppose I shouldn’t fly anywhere within the USA then?  The US airlines for the most part make it simple these days … Continue reading

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The Opiate of Anyone But the Masses

Though it might be better known these days as a hub of cheap clothing and streets lined with Muslim walnut cakes, Humen, a town in Dongguan, China might be most (in-)famous as the riverside battleground of the Opium War(s).  Long … Continue reading

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A Brand. A Name. But Never, Ever Together.

Engrish?  Maybe not.  Cheeky?  Yep.  Exclusive to Asia?  No, but many of my posts seem to be. Thus, today we’re going to check out a few stores without a care in the world.  How did I already jump to that … Continue reading

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Language Study: What Were Your First Words?

Wouldn’t it be great if all everyone needed to know in order to communicate was music?  A couple of ♮, a handful of ♭, and to throw off your enemies, # instead of ♯.  None of that “عشب,” “泥,” “հիմար,” … Continue reading

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Kunming, Part 2 of 2: Please Don’t Stay

Our first glance at Kunming, China made it seem as if their tourism bureau didn’t want us to stray too far from big city life.  That, or in addition to giving up your seat to the elderly and pregnant women, … Continue reading

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Kunming, Part 1 of 2: Please Don’t Go

Kunming is the capital of the Chinese province known as Yunnan. Phew…now that we’ve gotten the bookish bits out of the way, it’s important to note that Yunnan is best known for its natural wonders, permitting travelers to sample both … Continue reading

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When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Can’t Go

Uh oh, here’s a touchy subject.  So as to spare you all your mental anguish of the day, I’ll keep links to a minimum.  Instead, you’ll have to rely on the equally dubious concept known as imagination.  What do I … Continue reading

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Incredible India, Malaysia, Truly Asia and Incapacitated Indonesia

In April 2005, after flying from Hong Kong, the first thing that I noticed on my inaugural visit to Jakarta, Indonesia was the plume of of kretek, or clove-cigarette, smoke idling right outside of the arrivals hall of Soekarno-Hatta Airport.  … Continue reading

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