When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Can’t Go

Shantou Airport (SWA) - World of Bathroom

Uh oh, here’s a touchy subject.  So as to spare you all your mental anguish of the day, I’ll keep links to a minimum.  Instead, you’ll have to rely on the equally dubious concept known as imagination.  What do I mean by this?  Consider that in China, most of what you see- a sidewalk, that helpless flower, a bus, capitalist Schadenfreude– is already a proving ground for the image above, then again who doesn’t want a souvenir of Guangdong province?

That’s right, as I was waiting for a bus at Shantou‘s airport, I noticed that, in place of a tourism information desk, 卫浴之窗 (wèi​yùzhīchuāng), literally translated as “The Window of Sanitary,” was ready for action.  Eh, scratch that.  The bathroom fixtures weren’t ready for anything, except to handle the occasional napper, and if they’re unlucky, a flock of youths flashing the victory sign (and hopefully nothing else).

Products of that, ehem, nature aren’t even counted among Shantou’s most common exports.  Perhaps the airport authority will take those into consideration next time, and open up a combined (if you’re still using your imagination at this point, don’t) beef ball, women’s sandals and UFO aircraft store in the departures hall.

–Isn’t this significantly more practical than a postcard?  Please, share your thoughts below~

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2 Responses to When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Can’t Go

  1. KarenEllis says:

    VERY Funny, all the interesting things you find in other countries. Thanks for this fascinating view of China!

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