Kunming, Part 1 of 2: Please Don’t Go

Kunming is the capital of the Chinese province known as Yunnan.

Phew…now that we’ve gotten the bookish bits out of the way, it’s important to note that Yunnan is best known for its natural wonders, permitting travelers to sample both the highs and lows of its geography.  Tourism in Kunming however, doesn’t quite have as obvious a reason to exist as it might in the rest of the province.  Sure, there’s a temple over here, a hill over there, an auspicious this, a lofty that, but there’s a good chance if you’re stopping over, you’re headed to Lijiang, Dali or Shangri-La, no, sorry I meant Shangri-La.

Indeed, that sounds like a nice idea.  But what if Kunming had other plans for you?  What if locals insisted that you stay and took in the year-round mild climate, ubiquitous transportation snarls and mountain ham that the rapidly growing city has to offer?

Just kidding.  Someone’s simply being stupid.

Kunming - Crowded Bus

A busy bus, a civilized Kunming

Want to know what it’s like to fly in China?

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5 Responses to Kunming, Part 1 of 2: Please Don’t Go

  1. expatlingo says:

    Ha! I fly to Kunming on Saturday. Fortunately, as you indicated, I’m just stopping over one night before heading to 大理 and 香格里拉. I believe we’re flying Dragon Air. I think I’ve successfully talked my husband out of his adventurous, but ultimately impractical, idea of taking two small children on an overnight train journey. Fingers crossed he has something more comfortable than a smokey Santana in mind to haul us and our mounds of kid-related luggage between destinations.

    • But, do you even know what’s in (one of the three) Eternal Cities of Spring? It’s marvelously monotonous;)

      Have you been to Yunnan before?

      • expatlingo says:

        First time. I didn’t plan a thing, so I’m going in blind. I think we’re spending a large chunk of time in a village outside of Dali tramping around the fields and letting our kids be pulled around in a horse-drawn cart by someone called “Mr. Yang.” Will report back.

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