A Brand. A Name. But Never, Ever Together.

Engrish?  Maybe not.  Cheeky?  Yep.  Exclusive to Asia?  No, but many of my posts seem to be.

Thus, today we’re going to check out a few stores without a care in the world.  How did I already jump to that conclusion?  You’ll see…

Karachi - Pepis Restaurant

These guys in Karachi could almost be considered marketing whizzes.  Except for the fact that it’s a US brand in Pakistan, they can be forgiven, as the local merch is not nearly as inviting.  Nothing but comfort Pakistani food.  Note: I didn’t eat here, but I did shop here.

Batam - Sefora Store
Apologies for the grainy quality.  It was more of a shoot-and-run photo, for I didn’t want to take too much of a chance at Batam, Indonesia’s Nagoya Hill shopping center.  Never mind the innuendos of Felic, it’s Sefora, the NOT-beauty care product store that’s the star.

Batam - Dias Store
Blatant foul!  Copyright infringement has found a comfortable home, and it’s called Earth.  What would Mickey say?  Considering that this store is also in Batam, thousands of kilometers away, you couldn’t hear him anyway.  It could be a Portuguese restaurant for all I know.

Have you seen any dead giveaways on shopping trips?

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1 Response to A Brand. A Name. But Never, Ever Together.

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