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Politely Impolite

Taking photos of rubbish bins.  I should be saying garbage cans, but living abroad has permanently altered my vocabulary.  No, wait.  The bigger question is, when did I turn Japanese?  That is, when did I start taking photos of anything? … Continue reading

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Dotonbori, Osaka: It’s Not Times Square, and That’s a Good Thing

Times Square is a mess.  It’s great if you like photobombing and NOTHING.  Everything that is sold in Times Square aren’t limited to that neighborhood.  Who would’ve thought?  Starbucks, a lowly coffee chain that isn’t even in the Forbidden City…anymore, … Continue reading

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“Do You Like New Jersey?” Was Never a Multiple Choice Question

Is New Jersey the Taiwan of the US?  Ha.  What?  I don’t get it. In your travels, what parts of the United States appear most often in name?  New York something is pandemic, be it a restaurant, a tailor, a … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Marios

Speakers of the Japanese language would say マリオ, ma-ri-o, so I don’t know why I insisted on butchering the name the New York way – mæh-ri-o.  It could be because I’m from there, or it could be because it  was such … Continue reading

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A Reason to Travel, as Told on an Empty Stomach

It wasn’t a great spoonful of rasgulla, but that’s not the point. Fine, food is usually the point, but often I place the same amount of importance in good wandering for the day.    Nowadays when I travel, I eschew … Continue reading

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