“Do You Like New Jersey?” Was Never a Multiple Choice Question

Is New Jersey the Taiwan of the US?  Ha.  What?  I don’t get it.

In your travels, what parts of the United States appear most often in name?  New York something is pandemic, be it a restaurant, a tailor, a hotel, apartment complex, or license plate.  Hollywood (no, not you Florida) has theaters, tanning salons and discotheques. “Las Vegas” anything can’t be intended for children.  There’s a Hawaii spa in Shenzhen.  Let’s not forget about Tennessee Fried Chicken either.

Those are the likely suspects.  In honor of the rest of the country – Kansas, Maine and American Samoa included – I bring to you the “New Jersey Snack Bar Caffe” in downtown Tirana, Albania.  Is it a restaurant?  No, it’s a snack bar.  But they serve food, right?  That’s what they want you to think.

Tiranë - New Jersey Building

I know that Paterson, NJ (not to mention, the Bronch, NY) has a growing Albanian-American population, but when was this place opened?  Is calling the café BRONX too menacing?  I’ll give the owners a point for being ambitious, but then, for another point, the word “diner” should be squished in there.

Do you encounter similar homesick storefronts in your wanderings?  Or are Canadian provinces all the rage now?

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6 Responses to “Do You Like New Jersey?” Was Never a Multiple Choice Question

  1. In my country we have little towns like ‘Sweden’, ‘Russia’, ‘Italy’ etc. and on the other hand beside our capital Warsaw there’s Warsaw on the East Coast of the US 🙂

  2. You sayin NJ is the stepsister of NY? I’ll take that, ’cause it means we’re Cinderella. 🙂

    • I’m one of the rare New Yorkers (from the NYC area, not the rest of the state) that doesn’t have strong opinions toward Jersey. Newark Airport is one reason why, Edgewater is another and my friends appreciate the lack of self-pump petrol stations:)

      As for the part near Camden,what a trip!

  3. Biotech4Life says:

    Why yes, Mt. Rainier Hall, Shibuya Pleasure Pleasure http://imgur.com/FgFd6kF

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