Deception Defined

My apologies to everyone.  I was very busy/in places where the internet was as unreliable as the daily food-borne illness.  But I’m back now, ready to re-tackle those pressing issues.

That said, to those of you that celebrated the looming (current) new year a couple of weeks ago, I hope that it’ll be a swell one for you.  To those that are holding off on the illegal fireworks until January 31… 等一等.  To those that roll with other new year’s festivities, great.

Speaking of China, they’ve got more English speakers than Arizona.  Doesn’t sound impressive, does it?  Well don’t fret AZ, for their marketing departments still have some work to do.

Though, what’s YOUR preferred method when studying a language?  Something on the computer, such as Rosetta Stone or Duolingo?  A book?  TV and/or movies?  How about milk?

Beijing, Sanyuan Jizhi (Ultimate) ESL (Extended Shelf Life) MilkThose of you in the food industry, don’t spoil our fun.  If you’re not one of the privy lot, or would like to be (me, for instance), ESL – not quite English as a Second Language – actually stands for Extended Shelf Life, or in this case, 极致 (jí​zhì) Ultimate Extended Shelf Life.  Which says to me it’s powdered milk, which in turn says stay far away.  The least they could have done for us not-in-the-know types was provide a different English word on each carton, but I don’t want to sound greedy.

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4 Responses to Deception Defined

  1. expatlingo says:

    “ESL” is new on me. Seems like these kind of cartons (which I’ve secretly learned to love because I stock up and almost never run out of milk) are usually marked “UHT.” Or is ESL a whole other level of food preservation?

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