I’ll Have (Had) What He’s Having

Do you eat?  You know, food?  Ever wonder where all of that candy, fruit and bread come from?  I don’t mean where they were produced, oh no, that would be an educational post.  Too weird.  Let’s forge ahead and see where I’m going with this…

I was in Alexandria, Egypt last month, witnessing numerous incidences of road rage and chomping my way through trendiest pathogens, but most of all, hell-bent on visiting the modern library (for the architecture; the books, not so much).  The one day I was able to visit it was closed, so that was nice.

What was next on the list?  I’d already walked up and down the Corniche, which runs parallel to the Mediterranean, and been mislabeled as an Egyptian many times, but the one attraction that remained was the oldest tram system in Africa.  Yep, even older than the one in Mogadishu, which never actually existed.

Seeing as I’m a fan of mass transit, this wasn’t the worst contingency plan.  However, the next time I take a ful sandwich on-board, I’ll choose not to sit.


Pita in his hand


Pita in your mouth

Who has (first) dibs?


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6 Responses to I’ll Have (Had) What He’s Having

  1. Adam says:

    Alexandria Public Library

  2. olpha says:

    I want four of them.

  3. expatlingo says:

    Maybe he warms them up by having passengers sit on them?

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