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Taiwan: Fluent in Fun

On a recent trip back to the US, I had a one-night stopover at Taipei Taoyuan International – or for the more militant readers, Chiang Kai-shek International – Airport in Taiwan.  No big deal, I speak some of the language, … Continue reading

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What Cures Optimism? Reality.

Hello, my name is Surabaya, Indonesia, and I have an image problem. While many other cities in Southeast Asia – Siem Reap, Kuala Lumpur, this one, even that four-letter island to the east of me – play host to ceaseless … Continue reading

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It’s that time of the year again. As much fun as I have taking constitutionals in various cities, more and more I become appreciative of the non-human side of nature.  Plants,  trees, window seats– why didn’t anyone tell me this … Continue reading

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Airline Meals, Part Four: You’ll Never Guess What Was Edible

Airplane food.  If you’re flying between Newark and Honolulu – ~ ten and half hours flight time, excluding delays – and you’re in economy class, you better stock up on those mostly-filled-with-air bags of chips after security so that you … Continue reading

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