It’s that time of the year again.

As much fun as I have taking constitutionals in various cities, more and more I become appreciative of the non-human side of naturePlants,  trees, window seats– why didn’t anyone tell me this stuff existed five years ago?

A quick hop over to Phoenix, Arizona last year resulted in a traditional method of urban exploration.  Go downtown, confirm that there’s no reason to be downtown, then walk.  It wasn’t long before I ended up in a sea of (unhealthy) US-based fast food chains, but my goal was to eat unhealthy Mexican food.  No big deal, carry on with the amble.

Before long – which is to say, under a few hours later – I had an underwhelming torta though pleasant stroll through a Pro’s Ranch Market , a local supermarket chain specializing in Mexican groceries.  Nearby the store is where I spotted this shrub:

Phoenix - Purple and Gray Arbusto
Looks like it had an affair with photoshop, no?  Impressively – on the account of the flowers, not my photography skills – it didn’t.  Maybe I took the photo because I’ve never seen/nor will see the same subject in New York.  Perhaps I had volcanoes on my mind.  In any event, I’d like to know what type of plant it is, and if it’s native to the Southwest.  Lastly, in keeping with part of the theme of BuildingMyBento, would it go well with soups or curries?

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3 Responses to Naturally?

  1. I wouldn’t eat it. That’s Texas sage aka silverleaf, and not the real sage! But, it’s pretty.

    • I expected to hear from you;)

      Thanks for letting us know! Do you know why only a smattering of the leaves turned purple? Also, it’s entirely inedible? Shucks…

      • The purple parts are the flowers, not the leaves, duh! Actually, not sure if it’s entirely inedible. Why don’t you give it a try. If I don’t hear back from you, oh well…then I know. 🙂


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