What Cures Optimism? Reality.

Hello, my name is Surabaya, Indonesia, and I have an image problem.

While many other cities in Southeast AsiaSiem Reap, Kuala Lumpur, this one, even that four-letter island to the east of me – play host to ceaseless numbers of tourists, I can’t understand why I’m not in the same league.  I am the site of a major historical event, have easy access to volcanoes and mountains and if you’re a culinary tourist, I’ve got edible tar waiting for you.

Then again, I’m an Indonesian city.  If you like to breathe, you’re out of luck…

Surabaya - We Build Environment

Let’s chat again in a few years to see if the air quality has improved.

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5 Responses to What Cures Optimism? Reality.

  1. I hope so! I have seen change IS possible. I lived in Delhi from Jan 1995 to Oct 1996 – never once seeing a star in the sky at night, smoking the equivalent of 2 – 3 packets of cigarettes a day without lighting up one ciggie. Pushing out the polluting industries, making CNG mandatory for public transport (bus, taxi, rick), and other efforts resulted in 2001 with a remarkably bright clear sky and massive reduction in infant asthmatics. Was it sustained? Has it slipped since? Sure… but no where close to how bad it was…

    • Delhi this winter was pretty fucked up. And we have read reports that say that more than half of school kids here have asthma these days. People don’t seem very worried though, as this shitty air is seen by some as a “sign of progress”. Such bullshit!
      I bet Surabaya is not half as bad..

      • “Bad” is bad enough! Do you/locals (what are residents of Delhi called anyway, Delights?) wear masks? Or do some take the Chniese government approach and say that smog is good for you…

      • Pity things have deteriorated again however somehow not surprising. Haven’t been to Surabaya yet – won’t this trip but let’s see for future and can then pronounce my august opinion on the matter! 😉

  2. Tim says:

    and you have one of the grandest hotels in all of Indonesia where that historical event took place.


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