We Specialize in Everything. We Specialize in Nothing.

Upper Darby - Rota's Quick Stop

A microcosm for US cities?

Wow, here’s one for the book of dubious records. Polish, Turkish, southern Chinese, Americanized Chinese, Filipino, and Pennsylvania Dutch.  If you weren’t hungry before, you still aren’t now.  Also, unlike this well-placed alliteration, I don’t crave anything the sign mentions. What about you? Would it be worse if the word “fusion” was added in the background?  Imagine having an egg roll with pretzel breading, or coffee adobo?  I think I’m going to be sick, and now I have me to blame.  Rota, where are your priorities?  Probably behind the fridge.

In addition, is the word Oriental fine to say these days?  It simply means “eastern.”  If you call me an Occidental, I wouldn’t be offended.  Hipsters probably use that word anyway, and they’re far more irritating.

In the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA) suburb of Upper Darby, Rota’s Quick Stop was located right by where the map says Inter Serve USA.  I say was, because I took the photo in April 2010; even though I’ve visited the neighborhood since then, food led me straight to the H Mart, thus forgetting (not intentionally) to verify if Rota’s shop remained.



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2 Responses to We Specialize in Everything. We Specialize in Nothing.

  1. expatlingo says:

    All they need to add are tacos.


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