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Jakarta: Raw and Uncensored. But Mostly Raw.

Have to keep my readers guessing with the post titles, no? Say, have you heard of the benefits of (good) hygiene?  Jakarta, Indonesia would appreciate if you forgot about that for a brief point in time.  Instead, street food vendors are … Continue reading

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Don’t You Just Love…The In-Flight Edition

Hey there: This message is to quash any ideas you had going through your mind when you read “love” and “in-flight” in the same phrase.  Though, considering where the flight inadvertently stopped over… I was all set to travel with … Continue reading

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Over the Counter and Below the Equator

After a long, humid, shirt-wringing kind of day in Jakarta, Indonesia, I craved street food.   But really, that could be said about every day in Jakarta.  It’s as good an excuse as any to eat with reckless abandon. Every now … Continue reading

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Have It Our Way: US Fast Food in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Regardless of whether or not you’re in/have been to the US, how often do you crave its fast food? I’m busy collecting data for my survey on the Gross National Waistline – a gloomy double entendre if I’ve ever read … Continue reading

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Fascinating Wedding Cakes from Around the World

Wedding cakes are renowned for their grandeur in regards to their aesthetics. Using tall, white cakes with figures on top symbolizing the groom and the bride is the sort of design which prevailed in US weddings in the 1950s embodying … Continue reading

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