Getting Carried Away

Whether it’s at immigration, airport security or – just to round out the airport theme – when the plane is boarding, I’m often the one who stands right behind those with double basses, gratingly overweight backpacks or Nordic dreadlocks.   But put yourself in their shoes for a moment:


Yangon, Myanmar - Carrying Poles


OK, so walking in Yangon, Burma (Myanmar) isn’t quite the same as being restricted to standing on a line, then again, I’d watch this guy go through Heathrow or JFK security on pay-per-view.  Is he going to a construction site?  Maybe it’s for the world’s largest bowl of ramen?  Should I have asked him?  How would the scenario have played out?  “Hundreds injured in downtown Yangon as moron from the US stops to ask pointless question.”

Would you rather be him or everyone else?

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Bread, olive oil Waking up in Nakagin Sure does sound like me
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1 Response to Getting Carried Away

  1. expatlingo says:

    I’m still trying to figure out how his managed that corner without knocking anyone of the stairs (or perhaps the fatality has been carefully cropped out of your photo).


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