My First Inaugural Flight: New York, NY to Hyannis, MA (USA)

I’ve done a good amount of flying up ’til now, but I’ve never had the opportunity to take an airline’s inaugural flight.

Some of you might be thinking, who cares?  Maybe you’re right.  You still have to drag yourself to the airport, strip for the security carnival, fight for space – both in your seat and in the overhead, and hope that the seat-back pouch isn’t filled with delicacies not found at Singaporean airports.

Then again, maybe you’re wrong.

In fact, it’s a combination of the two…

I recently hopped aboard the inaugural jetBlue round-trip between New York and Hyannis/Barnstable (in Cape Cod), Massachusetts.  Expectations did not exist for how jetBlue would celebrate this occasion, though I reckoned that at some point various dignitaries might make jejune speeches about how important “this new destination” is.

After a short nap on the subway to JFK, the home base of jetBlue, I woke up at the wrong Sutphin Blvd. station.  So, thanks to an unfriendly subway station by the name of Briarwood – Van Wyck Boulevard (you can’t make a free transfer between lines), I had to waste some time before finally getting to the noxious JFK AirTrain transfer point.

Enough of that verbiage, let’s get some pictures in the mix:

jetBlue Inaugural Flight JFK-HYA, 26JUN14 (1)

For every new jetBlue destination, a relevant painting is unveiled.  For Hyannis, you can see a couple of four-letter acronyms sailing.  Makes sense to me.

jetBlue Inaugural Flight JFK-HYA, 26JUN14 (2)

Ah, food.  Now it was worth the trip.  But wait, since this is the flight to Hyannis, how come there aren’t any plates with cranberries, potato chips or lobster rolls?  More on that later.

jetBlue Inaugural Flight JFK-HYA, 26JUN14 (3)

The captain said that the flight would be 35 minutes, and he was…off by five minutes.  Curious about the distance?  Have a look here.

jetBlue Inaugural Flight JFK-HYA, 26JUN14 (4)

Our fifteen minutes of fame.  In other words, if the total in-air time was 40 minutes, we spent another 15 waiting to disembark.

Also, it’s a tradition that inaugural flights get a water cannon salute right after landing.  Southern Californians must be enraged.

jetBlue Inaugural Flight JFK-HYA, 26JUN14 (5)

As it was the first day of the flight, extra time was added to allow for festivities at Hyannis’s (HYA) airport.  I took advantage of this by running down Barnstable Rd. towards the water, to stretch my legs, snap a photo of lobster trawlers and…

jetBlue Inaugural Flight JFK-HYA, 26JUN14 (6)

to have a lobster roll.  Normally, I’m a guaranteed clean plate.  This time, I could only finish 96% of the meal.  A good treat nonetheless, though I also wonder what an Azorean lobster roll would be like.

jetBlue Inaugural Flight JFK-HYA, 26JUN14 (7)

Being able to walk from an airport to a downtown is refreshing, considering you’re sitting for the majority of the time you’re on a plane.  But, how about taking a crisp morning jog on the runway?

jetBlue Inaugural Flight JFK-HYA, 26JUN14 (8)

How’d those get past security?

jetBlue Inaugural Flight JFK-HYA, 26JUN14 (9)

jetBlue handed out gift bags as well.

jetBlue Inaugural Flight JFK-HYA, 26JUN14 (10)

Suffice to say, I won’t be needing a lot of that stuff. However, I’m a big fan of Cape Cod potato chips.  In fact, they are possibly my favorite US-brand.

My question to you is, are you curious about the presence of a light bulb?  Here’s my answer: Cape Cod is known for its lighthouses.

jetBlue Inaugural Flight JFK-HYA, 26JUN14 (11)

Bonus: During both the flight to and from HYA, the flight attendants handed out a few prizes to passengers in randomly selected seats.  I happened to be sitting in the right place because I received frequent flier miles.  This begs the question, where to next?

Have you ever been on an inaugural flight?  Did the loot favorably compare to what jetBlue offers?

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10 Responses to My First Inaugural Flight: New York, NY to Hyannis, MA (USA)

  1. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw a light bulb haha 🙂 I never was even lucky enough to see the inauguration, not to mention be part of it so you’re lucky and I’m jealous! 🙂

  2. adam says:


  3. What the… that lobster roll has too much mayo…was it a full flight?

    theyre starting a BOS-UVF route in Nov…good times

  4. expatlingo says:

    You answered my lightbulb question only seconds after I’d formulated it. Thinking of freebie bags, I received a commemorative pair of AA batteries when I ran the Hong Kong Standard Chartered (half) Marathon. To help us run like Energizer bunnies? Couldn’t be as they were “GP” brand…

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