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Before I went to live in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2008, I was already well-equipped to spin yarns about some particularly heady commutes.  Getting smushed into train carriages in Tokyo by station staff dressed better than me (or maybe that’s why … Continue reading

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Kidneys, Who Needs Those? PART TWO

In our last issue of The Daily Dialysis, we pondered over mysterious circumstances surrounding the presence of salt dishes in outside of some Japanese restaurants.  Health!  No, but you could say I wrote it only to fit another keyword into … Continue reading

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Coffee Ramen (Japan)

Originally posted on Collateral Lettuce:
Ten ingredients you wouldn’t like to see in the same bowl of ramen: Coffee beans Coffee noodles Eggs (and their yolks) Vanilla ice cream Bananas Gouda (inexorably processed, that is) Kamaboko (processed fish cake with…

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Are They Related? Window Shopping in China

My apologies for the lack of posting over the past month.  I was in China where non-mainland blogs are none too welcome.  Speaking of which, this time I chose to visit Hunan province, source of arguably (with myself?) my favorite … Continue reading

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