Kidneys, Who Needs Those? PART TWO

In our last issue of The Daily Dialysis, we pondered over mysterious circumstances surrounding the presence of salt dishes in outside of some Japanese restaurantsHealth!  No, but you could say I wrote it only to fit another keyword into this blog post.

This time though, we’re entering the US, and it’s not going to be pretty..

I wouldn’t call Honolulu a great city in which to wander, as much of it has that everything-after-5pm-will-be-closed feel, but there are some redeeming factors.  One, if you’re originally from a place with more than two seasons, year-round t-shirting might be particularly welcoming.  Two, if you’re there on vacation, Hawai’i has some foods that you may not be able to find in much of the rest of the mainland, save for California and that one restaurant in Manhattan that I really should try one time.  Come to think of it, Japan might have more Hawaiian restaurants than Hawai’i, but…no.  That’s not bloody likely.

Three, this:

Honolulu - Salty, Salty Fish
Fermented mudfish, a specialty in Vietnam, South China and, considering the brand, Thailand.  Never mind the spelling error and the fact that it looks like someone drew in the word “Trans” next to “fat,” but does nutrition always take a backseat in Southeast Asian markets?  It’s interesting, because the US gets repeatedly ridiculed for harvesting and exporting obesity – I’ll save this argument for another day (possibly) – but have you seen the nutrition labels on ramen soups, juices, teas, wafers, and jarred flotsam in a Chinatown near you?

In any case, I have a challenge for you.  Find an item in any market that has a higher sodium content per serving than this fermented mudfish, and if you’d like I’ll mention you and your specimen in an update.


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