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Buying Socks in China: Tougher Than It Sounds

Before visiting China for the first time in August 2003, I truly expected to find clothes cleaners (洗染店 xǐ​rǎn​diàn) all over the place.  Was this the first thing on my mind as I landed in Guilin?  No.  It was the second.  … Continue reading

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My Allegorical Passport

Firstly, I’ll admit that this post was inspired by one on Flyertalk. Having a passport from the ol’ US isn’t such a bad thing, if you take a look at how many countries US citizens can visit without requiring a … Continue reading

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Welcome to Japan. Light Up, Kids.

I’ve wandered through the terminals of Narita Airport, currently Tokyo‘s primary international hub, enough to know the must-visit spots.  There’s the Lawson convenience store pre-security in Terminal 1 (T1), the casual Japanese place that seasonally serves kaki furai – fried … Continue reading

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This is What Happened When I Recovered Deleted Photos

Beware, for what you are about to see is completely un”re”edited for content. …which is to say, in September 2009 during a visit to Bogotá, Colombia, I accidentally deleted the photos from the memory card of my camera.  As soon as I … Continue reading

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My Nominee for Best Street Food Vendor

It is surprisingly easy to choose which restaurants are my favorites.  Whether or not it has cheap eats, waitstaff that sit down and awkwardly talk with customers, windows, soap and water or some combination of the four, is of minimal importance … Continue reading

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Great Japanese Recipes

Introduction Japan is one of many countries with delicious dishes, as people constantly come up with new recipes and cooking ways to satisfy the hunger of the nation. In fact, many Japanese dishes comprise of local ingredients allowing them to … Continue reading

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Fascinating facts for travellers heading to Turkey

Turkey is the world’s melting pot, a spicy casserole of different influences from Europe, Asia and the Med. This is an enthralling destination which has plenty of surprises in store for the tens of millions of tourists that choose to … Continue reading

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