This is What Happened When I Recovered Deleted Photos

Beware, for what you are about to see is completely un”re”edited for content.

…which is to say, in September 2009 during a visit to Bogotá, Colombia, I accidentally deleted the photos from the memory card of my camera.  As soon as I realized my ignorance – maybe there was a delayed reaction due to the one hour time difference – I rushed over to a camera store and asked for help in recovering them.

As a result of my stout fingers I suppose, a great deal of photos were lost from my ’round-the-world trip in late 2008-early 2009, as well as those leading up to September 2009.

Or did I?  Mostly, yes.  But with the help of the Bogotá Kodak store, we were able (to) recuperar many others.

After doing a bit of cleaning, I rediscovered the memory card on which said photos were deleted and then recovered.  These are the end product of the recovery- completely unaltered by me.
Clearly, pixels make strange bedfellows:

Cuzco, Peru - Recuperada Self

Yours truly.  I guess I did spend a lot of time in East Asia… though, it’s rather peculiar, because it looks like I am drinking myself.  Taken in Cuzco, Peru.

Kuwait - Recuperada CCTV Bus

Cool, my very own CCTV camera.  Taken on a Kuwait City bus.

Malaysia - Recuperada South Indian Meal

For those of us who are avant-garde food photographers, I bring you “everything but the food.”

Karachi, Pakistan - Recuperada Quaid

The memory card must’ve had a beef with its owner.  No, it’s just an ex-girlfriend’s artful way of framing the mausoleum of Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Karachi, Pakistan.

Hiroshima, Japan - Recuperada Genbaku Dome

Surreal.  This building was formerly called as the Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall, but has come to be known as the A-Bomb Dome.  It was just about the only structure left intact, and in case you were curious, it was designed by a Czech architect named Jan Letzel.

Aguascalientes, Peru - Recuperada Before & After

Before & After?  I’m rather fascinated by the photos that were randomly connected.  From the looks of it, the upper portion is Aguascalientes (near Machu Picchu) and the lower part is Kuwait.

Peru - Recuperada Shining Path

Since these were all taken in Peru, and the hue is overtly reddish, let’s name this tripartite image “Shining Path.”

Etihad AUH to CGK - Recuperada Jakarta & EY In-flight MealWhat a coincidence!  This in-flight meal was served on an Etihad flight from Abu Dhabi to Jakarta, and the photo spliced in between was taken in Jakarta.  As for the blank lower quarter of this image, I have no idea what is happening there.

How do we assess this stroll through my memory card’s vivid imagination?  BACK UP your photos!  Although you may get a few credible hybrids here and there, for the most part, you’ll get this:

Recuperada - Recuperadidn'tHas this happened to you too?  How did you cope?

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6 Responses to This is What Happened When I Recovered Deleted Photos

  1. Nope – whenever I’ve goofed up with deleting didn’t even think of trying to recover the pics!

    Some interesting combinations you created!

    • Oh, you’ve accidentally deleted some photos as well? Was it…really accidental;)?

      I didn’t alter these images at all. This is the end result of the Colombian photo store recovering them!

  2. expatlingo says:

    This has not happened to me… yet.

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